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New promising research results and extension of on-going studies

Preliminary results from studies conducted in collaboration with VibroSense Dynamics AB (VibroSense) research network indicate that the company's instruments and technology have a high potential for detecting early neurological changes in diabetes and the treatment of cancer with chemotherapy. The company's product thus takes an important step to become part of the therapy in these areas.

VibroSense has a dedicated strategy to conduct research in close collaboration with research partners to build a comprehensive virtual research portfolio. The strategy is based on a proprietary technology called Multi-Frequency Vibrometry (MFV). VibroSense has developed and refined MFV and its strength has been manifested by 28 peer reviewed scientific publications.

Multi-Frequency Vibrometry is a method that provides strong support for diagnosis of nerve damage in the hands and feet by examining the ability to perceive highly controlled vibrations in the skin.

The company's collaboration with researchers and networks provides an opportunity to discover new relationships that can be used to develop new and better treatment regimes. This strategy renders significant knowledge to both parties. Researchers are given the opportunity to publish their discoveries in scientific journals, while VibroSense has the exclusive right to implement all findings in its software algorithms for support of diagnosis.

VibroSense currently conducts research studies, through research partners, in two main areas, Diabetes and treatment of Cancer with Chemotherapy.

Research studies in Diabetes
I In the past year two studies have been completed in type 1 diabetes, one on children and one on adults. In both studies, significant discoveries have been made.

In children, with diabetes type 1, it has been shown that 18% in a study group had early signs of nerve damage in the feet and that the children who use insulin pump have a better vibration sense in their feet than children who use insulin pens.

In adults, it has been discovered that it may be possible to reverse nerve damage in the feet of adults with diabetes of long duration, which is very good news for all diabetic patients.

A study in France was also planned during the year, but the process of seeking an ethical approval was rather confusing. Therefore the company has decided to put this study aside. Instead, VibroSense will focus on two new diabetes studies. More information about this will be released in due time.

Dr Eero Lindholm has received an acceptance of a submitted article regarding his study on prediction of foot ulcers using VibroSense instruments. Publication of this article is scheduled in Q1 2019.

Finally, Dr. Eero Lindholm conducts a follow-up study of adults with Diabetes Type 1, comparing two traditional methods, Biothesiometer and Neurography with Multi-Frequency Vibrometry. The study will end in spring 2019 and Dr Lindholm plans to submit an abstract to EASD, which is a large Diabetes Congress in Barcelona on 16-20 September 2019.


Research studies in treatment of cancer with chemotherapy
In a short period of time, VibroSense, together with its research partners, has initiated three studies in the treatment of cancer with chemotherapy. Further studies are scheduled to start in 2019.

Two of the on-going studies, one in Malmö and one in Linköping, focus on the treatment of colorectal cancer with Oxaliplatin. The study in Malmö has recently been extended to the hospital in Kristianstad. Preliminary results indicate that the company's instrument detects early neurological changes not detected with traditional questionnaires.

The third on-going study is conducted in Lund in bone marrow cancer (Multipel Myeloma).  Preliminary study results show that our instrument finds early neurosensory changes. These results are also very interesting and therefore this study is expanded as well. Since two weeks, the new VibroSense Meter II is used in this study to examine both hands and feet of treated patients.

Interest in oncology studies is increasing rapidly and two new studies are scheduled to start in Q1 2019. One of these is planned to be conducted at the clinic of Oncology in Roskilde in Denmark servicing 1.5 million inhabitants.

The Danish municipalities are investing heavily in new technology in health care. In the planned study there is an outspoken goal to find out if the VibroSense Meter II can be used as part of the treatment of cancer with Chemotherapy.

  • “We are following the development in our diabetes and cancer studies with great interest. The results so far are very promising and they exceed our expectations. I can already say that the results obtained this far will be adopted as Biomarkers in our VibroSense Meter II. My conclusion is that the meter will become an important tool in the treatment of the diabetic foot and treatment of cancer with Chemotherapy”, says Toni Speidel, CEO VibroSense Dynamics AB.

Toni Speidel, VD VibroSense Dynamics AB,
Phone: +46 40 650 14 12

About VibroSense Dynamics AB (publ)
VibroSense Dynamics AB (public) develops and markets efficient systems to support early detection and diagnosis of sensory neuropathy, i.e. disease of large nerve fibres and nerve trunks in e.g. legs and arms. The Company, founded in 2005, has been listed on Spotlight stock market since May 2015.