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Promising progress in Germany and positive response for Diabetic Foot Screening

VibroSense Dynamics' (VibroSense) increased activities in Germany and the Nordics have been well received by the market. In Germany, VibroSense has identified a new strategy with existing reimbursement codes that is deemed to significantly facilitate the company's expansion in Germany. VibroSense has received positive response from its marketing activities towards both customers and investors.

VibroSense current main focus is on two business areas, Diabetes and Occupational Health Care. In Germany, where the focus is on Diabetic Foot Screening, this has resulted in collaboration with a reputable consulting company that has helped VibroSense to define a clear strategy for expansion in Germany. This includes support for reimbursement codes, which means that 12% of the German market for health care have the opportunity to get a high subsidy when purchasing or renting the VibroSense Meter ® II.

In Sweden, the Company continues its activities within the Occupational Health Care segment, with continuous training and valued customer support through VibroSense digital platform for training and seminars. The development of the Diabetes business area in Sweden, continues according to plan with the clinics that use and evaluate the Diabetic Foot Screening application. VibroSense has also delivered its first order from Finland, to the university hospital in Kempele.

As part of strengthening the marketing of VibroSense to investors, an updated company presentation has been produced which is available at the following link Home At VibroSense

"The positive reactions we receive from the market confirm that we have taken a new important step forward both in Germany and in Sweden. Our first delivery to Finland is a new milestone that opens up further opportunities for VibroSense. As we reach new customer groups and move into new segments of the market, it is important for us to show an updated image of our company both to customers and investors," says VibroSense CEO, Hans Wallin.

Hans Wallin, CEO
Phone: +46 40 88 026

"The new Gold Standard for reliable
detection of nerve damage"

About VibroSense Dynamics AB ( publ )
VibroSense Dynamics AB (publ) develops and sells medical technology products and services for diagnostic support for nerve damage in the hands and feet. The method involves measuring and quantifying the ability to feel vibrations at several frequencies. The company's customers are diabetes clinics, occupational health care, hospitals, health centers and researchers.

Our vision is that the company's products should be a standard instrument in all neurological examinations to detect early signs of changes in sensation so that patients and their caregivers can implement preventive measures that prevent, reduce or delay the onset of nerve damage in the hands and feet.