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VibroSense Meter II

The VibroSense Meter II is built on advanced technology to measure and analyse the neurological function in hands or feet by examining and quantifying  the ability to perceive fine-tuned vibration at multiple frequencies on the skin.

The evolution of the VibroSense Meter II is based on more than three decades of experimental and clinical research addressing peripheral sensory neuropathy of the hand and foot.

The VibroSense Meter II can find changes in the vibration sensitivity before they have developed into permanent nerve damage.

Typical applications

VSM II is intended for primary and specialist care, researchers and occupational health care that work with surveillance, treatment, diagnosis or rehabilitation of peripheral neuropathy in the feet or hands.

  • Support for diagnosis of peripheral sensory neuropathy, which may be caused by diabetes or cancer treatment with chemotherapy
  • Research for quantification of neuropathy in various diseases or due to medical treament
  • Medical controls of workers exposed to vibration in risk groups according to the "EU-directive 2002/44/EG"


  • Unique and proven method based on Multi Frequency Vibrometry
  • Non-invasive and objective examinations, easy to implement
  • Quantitative and excellent repeatability of measurement results
  • Subclinical and pre-symptomatic discovery
  • Automatic comparison with gender and age-matched reference data from 1100 healthy individuals from age 8-80 years
  • Wireless measurement of skin temperature
  • Meets the standard ISO 13091-1 for measuring of Vibration Perception Thresholds
VibroSense Meter II

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We offer different options for procuring our unique instrument. See below.

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Options to Buy

All options include a compulsory education on the system.


Purchase of  the VibroSense Meter system, including installation of the VSM software if requested.


Hire the VibroSense Meter system for a fixed monthly fee.


Our services are designed to ease the use our products:

Research support

Multiple consultant services to provide support for preparation and start-up of research studies focusing on the VibroSense Meter system. Some examples are designing ethical application, designing studies, extracting and/or analysing data.


Training in handling of the instrument and interpretation of the examination result (Vibrograms). Installation on the customer's computer system can be included.

Service and licence agreement 

Annual agreement wherein service and repair is included. Free software updates, telephone/email support and calibration of the VibroSense Meter instrument every second year.

Calibration, instrument service

Calibration and service of the VibroSense Meter instrument.

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