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VibroSense History

VibroSense Dynamics was founded in 2005 by Professor Göran Lundborg and MSc Toni Speidel in order to commercialize the results of Professor Lundborg's research. Today, the VibroSense Meter system is used to support diagnosis of nerve injuries in the hands and feet at Diabetes and Cancer Clinics, Occupational health care and all major university hospitals with clinics for Occupational and Environmental Medicine in Sweden and Norway.

Insufficient diagnosis methods

VibroSense Dynamic’s products are based on research and discoveries made by Professor Göran Lundborg and Lars Dahlin at the hand surgery clinic at Skåne University Hospital in Malmö. Professor Lundborg started this research in the early 1980s when he came in contact with a patient group that he could not diagnose. 

Pioneering research began

A common denominator for this patient group was that they had been exposed to hand-arm vibrations in their daily work. All showed similar problems, such as numbness, difficulty in buttoning, etc., but the problems was not detected by regular diagnostic methods.

Göran Lundborg then began to suspect that the diagnostic methods of the time were insufficient, and therefore he started a ground-breaking research that later resulted in the method now called Multi-Frequency Vibrometry.

Obligation to investigate vibration damage

In July 2005, the EU vibration directive came into force. It stipulates that all employers within the EU with vibration-exposed personnel must offer regular health checks for vibration injuries in the hands and arms. There are approximately 25 million workers in the EU who are exposed to vibrations at least two hours a day. The directive became the basis for VibroSense Dynamics' development which began in 2005. The table below provides a brief history.


Professor Göran Lundborg initiates research about impaired sensitivity of the hand caused by vibrating tools.


The clinic of occupational health care in Lund and some occupational health care centres in Skåne begins to use Göran Lundborg's new method clinically for the diagnosis of vibration injuries in the hand.


Göran Lundborg and Toni Speidel start to develop a commercial product due to a coming vibration directive within the EU (EU 2002/44 / EC).


VibroSense Dynamics AB is founded and the EU vibration directive (EU 2002/44 / EC) becomes mandatory.


VibroSense Meter I, the company's first CE-marked product, is launched.


The company is listed on Spotlight Stockmarket in May 2015, to finance the development of next-generation instruments for examining hands and feet, focusing on diabetes-related nerve damage in the feet, (DPN, Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy).


Launch of the company's second generation instrument, the VibroSense Meter II. A new business area is added - nerve damage caused by chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer (CIPN, Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy).