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VibroSense Dynamics medical device is used in a clinical study targeting a new indication area

VibroSense Dynamics AB (VibroSense) instrument VibroSense Meter® II is used in an exploratory clinical study on Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). The purpose of the study is to investigate whether POTS also causes disorders in the peripheral nervous system.

The ongoing clinical study is made on patients who have been diagnosed with POTS, which causes a primary disorder in the autonomic nervous system. All patients shall undergo additional clinical examinations for an assessment of neurology status and complete physical status. Professor Bodil Ohlsson at Scania University Hospital in Malmö is the principal investigator.

The study aims to investigate whether POTS patients also have injuries/symptoms from the enteric and peripheral nervous system. The aim is to study the extent and connection between injuries in different parts of the peripheral nervous system and the autonomic nervous system.

 “POTS is a potential new indication area for our instrument VibroSense Meter II. If the peripheral sensory nervous system also is affected by POTS, I have good hope that we will discover this with our instrument”, says Toni Speidel, CTO VibroSense Dynamics AB

About POTS
Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) is a disease that affects the autonomic nervous system. POTS is a relatively new disease that causes disorders in the body's blood pressure regulation and heart rhythm. Symptoms include fainting, dizziness and abnormal fatigue. Recently, it has also been observed that patients who have had Covid 19 also developed POTS, which is called post-COVID POTS. The current state of knowledge about POTS is still limited, but research in Sweden is at the forefront.

Toni Speidel, CTO  VibroSense Dynamics AB,
Phone: +46 40 88 026

About VibroSense Dynamics AB (publ)
VibroSense Dynamics AB (public) sells and develops efficient systems to support early detection and diagnosis of sensory neuropathy, i.e. disease of large nerve fibres and nerve trunks in e.g. legs and arms. Our vision is that the VibroSense Meter® shall be the golden standard instrument for neurological examinations to assess sensory neuropathy and help to improve life conditions for patients having a risk of getting nerve injuries.