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Research study with VibroSense Meter shows strong correlation between foot ulcers and impaired sensitivity in the sole of the foot at low frequencies

A study published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE shows a strong correlation between impaired sensitivity on low frequencies and foot ulcers. Behind the study are five prominent researchers from Lund University and Skåne University Hospital in Malmö.

The aim of the study was to investigate whether Multi Frequency Vibrometry can be used to identify type 1 diabetes patients who have an increased risk of developing foot ulcers. In the study, funded by Vinnova, 535 patients with diabetes type 1 and 717 healthy patients participated.

The sensitivity of the feet has been measured with the VibroSense Meter which uses Multi Frequency Vibrometry, a method for examining the neurological function in the hands and feet. The method measures and quantifies the ability to perceive vibrations in the skin at different frequencies.

In the conclusion of the study, the researchers emphasized that sensory loss at low frequencies gives a better indication for finding patients with increased risk of developing foot ulcers or having other problems with the feet that can be linked to nerve damage caused by diabetes type I. Thus, examination of feet of diabetic patients should include sensitivity at both low and high frequencies.

In the published article, Multi Frequency Vibrometry is compared with the established methods for tuning fork, monofilament and Biothesiometer. The researchers emphasize that Multi Frequency Vibrometry has been used for a long time in Occupational and Environmental Medicine and that the method has "excellent test retrieval reliability". The five researchers are prominent researchers in the fields of endocrinology, hand surgery and diabetes-related nerve damage. The study can be read on the following link.

The company's goal is that Multi Frequency Vibrometry will become the "golden standard" in sensory examination. With the product VibroSense Meter® II, diabetes physicians can monitor the development of the sensitivity in the feet of diabetic patients. This will enable early detection of sensory impairment, so-called Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy, which in many case leads to foot ulcers and in worst cases amputation.

  •  Now we have an additionally study that shows that Multi-Frequency Vibrometry is an excellent method that has a good potential to become a valuable tool of diagnosis of nerve damages in the feet. The studies in which our instrument was used indicate that Multi-Frequency Vibrometry is a more reliable method in comparison with the instruments and methods that are used clinically today, says Toni Speidel, CEO of VibroSense Dynamics AB.

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