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Receives new patent in China

VibroSense Dynamics AB (VibroSense) has got a patent approval in China. The patent describes a principle for measuring skin temperature wirelessly before and during an examination, which ensures measurement quality.

Obtaining the patent in China is part of a long-term strategy to protect VibroSense intellectual property rights. The patent protection will be further strengthened by several patent applications currently pending in various countries around the world. The current patent for wireless measurement of skin temperature was approved in Sweden in 2019.

VibroSense strategy to protect the product and software in VibroSense Meter ® II includes three parts, i) patent protection for various functions, ii) design protection for mechanical design and iii) internal encryption of the software with multiple measurement algorithms. In addition, the company has exclusive rights to extensive clinical data which is the basis for developed measurement algorithms. Altogether, the product VibroSense Meter ® II with software thus has comprehensive protection, which is judged to give a strong protection and a big lead in the field of "Reliable and Early Detection of Peripheral Neuropathy".

"Now we add another important piece of the puzzle to protect our unique product and technology that is part of the VibroSense Meter ® II system (VSM II). With this, we are renewing and strengthening the IP protection which, together with ongoing applications, is deemed to prevent improper copying of the company's products. For the company, this is a strategic investment to achieve the goal of VSM II to become a new Gold Standard for the measurement and quantification of peripheral neuropathy," says Toni Speidel, CTO VibroSense Dynamics AB.

Toni Speidel, CTO VibroSense Dynamics AB
Tel: +46 40 88 026

"The new Gold Standard for reliable
detection of nerve damage"

About VibroSense Dynamics AB (pub)
VibroSense Dynamics AB develops and sells medical technology products and services for diagnostic support for nerve damage in hands and feet. The method involves measuring and quantifying the ability to feel vibrations at several frequencies. The company's customers are diabetes clinics, occupational health care, hospitals, health centers and researchers.

Our vision is for the company's products to be a standard instrument in all neurological examinations to detect early signs of changes in sensation so that patients and their caregivers can implement preventive measures that prevent, reduce or delay the onset of nerve damage in the hands and feet.