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Improved metabolic control may reverse nerve damage in the feet caused by diabetes

For the first time ever, it has been shown that improved HbA1c (long-term blood sugar) is linked with improved tactile perception of feet in diabetic patients. The discovery was made in a study to evaluate the Multi-Frequency Vibrometry method and the VibroSense Meter® instrument. The result is reported by Dr. Eero Lindholm in a poster presentation at the EASD Diabetes Congress in Berlin on October 1-5, 2018. VibroSense Dynamics participates as exhibitor at stand 4J05.

Dr. Eero Lindholm has studied two matched groups of diabetes patients that differ in their metabolic control of HbA1c for a period of 1-1.5 years. One group had the same or higher HbA1c values, while the other group had significantly reduced HbA1c values. Significant improvements in the tactile perception of the sole of the foot were only registered in the group that lowered their HbA1c values.

The conclusion is that the VibroSense Meter® can be used to find impaired sensitivity of feet at an early stage. This may motivate and improve compliance of diabetic patients to follow advice and treatment prescribed by the physician. Metabolic control means that patients reduce their long-term blood sugar (HbA1c).

The link between metabolic control and improved nerve function can be clearly demonstrated with Multi-Frequency Vibrometry, which measures the ability to perceive vibration stimuli in the skin at several different frequencies. The examination is more sensitive than the established methods used clinically around the world that usually measures only one frequency.

With Multi-Frequency Vibrometry, diabetic patients can supervise the development of the tactile perception in the feet and, at a very early stage, detect impaired sensitivity which is a part of diabetes neuropathy. Inferior tactile perception may lead to foot ulcers and, in the worst case, to amputation.

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