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Diabetic Foot Screening earns positive reactions in Germany!

After attending DIABETES KONGRESS 2022 in Berlin 25-28 May and visiting first potential KOL clinics, VibroSense can conclude several immediate positive opportunities.

Germany is an important export market that is expected to be very valuable in the long term for the Diabetes Foot Screening application. After contacting a large number of diabetes clinics prior to DIABETES KONGRESS 2022 in Berlin, several meetings with physicians have been held over the past two weeks.

“Our conclusion and take home message after first meetings with German physicians and introducing Diabetes Foot Screening is that the interest for our technology is high. We have an immediate and strong opportunity to move forward in the German market. More positive news is definitely to come during 2022”, says the CEO of VibroSense, Hans Wallin.

About Diabetes in Germany *
There are currently more than 8.5 million people with diabetes in Germany. More than 600,000 new individuals are added each year. If the trend continues, 12.3 million people in Germany are expected to have diabetes by 2040.

About 32,000 children and adolescents under the age of 19 have type 1 diabetes. Every year, about 3,100 children and adolescents up to the age of 17 develop type 1 diabetes. The proportion of new cases of type 1 diabetes is currently increasing by 3 to 5 percent annually.

The total annual care costs amount to approximately EUR 21 billion. Two-thirds of the costs are related to the treatment of diabetic complications.

* Source

Hans Wallin, CEO of VibroSense Dynamics AB
Tel: +46 40 88 026

About VibroSense Dynamics AB (publ)
VibroSense Dynamics AB (publ) develops and sells medical technology products and services for diagnostic support for nerve injuries in the hands and feet. The method is based on measuring and quantifying the ability to feel vibrations at several frequencies. The company's customers are diabetes clinics, occupational health care, hospitals, health centers and researchers.

Our vision is that the company's products should be a standard instrument in all neurological examinations to detect early signs of changes in sensation so that patients and their caregivers can put in place preventive measures that prevent, reduce or delay the occurrence of nerve damage in the hands and feet.